The Real Taste is an importer and distributor of a fine selection of distilled and non-distilled alcoholic spirits. The Real Taste’s brand selection is comprised of Cuban Rum, Mexican Tequila and Mezcal, Dutch Vodka and Dutch Fruit Liqueur.

Our Brands


An extraordinary gin for every occasion. Conceived anddeveloped by two close friends in collaboration with the bestspecialists from Schiedam, the Netherlands. Experience the fresh, soft taste of Ghino and taste with every sip of tonesof fig, mint and ginger which are strengthened by orange and lavender. .

Ron Perla del Norte

Ron Perla del Norte’s rum is known for its Carta Blanca. This typical white rum is characterized by the perfect balance between sweet and bitter. The rum is therefore the perfect basis for every cocktail!
The authentic Cuban taste, the smell, the culture that lies behind it.

Ron Cubay

Ron Cubay is an authentic rum brand from the beautiful island of Cuba. Our selection is comprised of three rums that are crafted in the traditional Cuban way. The Ron Cubay collection is made to appeal to true rum-lovers and the ones who appreciate the quality of real Cuban craftsmanship.


At Casa Don Ramon, Tequila is a passion, a pride, a heritage. The tequila is distilled from 100% Jalisco blue agave, harvested by hand from the bounty of the earth. We honor this legacy with gratitude and respect for the Jimadores and the land they cultivate. From the field to flute, every step of Don […]


Orancello The boys of Oud West are three adverturers with one passion: discovering new flavours together. After a long journey of discovery and various experiments, they created the perfect recipe for Orancello. Organic oranges are peeled by hand in a traditional way. They carefully select the highest quality peel for the perfect Orancello. 

Beneluxe Vodka

Beneluxe Vodka Experience the sensation of a crystal-clear, top quality vodka produced in one of the world’s finest distilleries originating from 1658. Admire the pure taste of natural ingredients, true craftmanship and passion in each sip. Anywhere, anytime enjoy Beneluxe Vodka pure.

The Real Taste Exclusive

Isla del Tesoro

Aged for 20+ years in American white oak barrels and through a many tier aging process. An amber-hued rum with a bright taste and a scent of long-aged eau-de-vie. Isla del Tesoro reveals a peerless taste owed to a blend of several old-aged rums coupled with refined eau-de-vies, creating notes of dry fruits, chocolate and vanilla. A rum that was originally reserved only for Fidel Castro, now available for the true connoisseur. This rum has an alcohol percentage of 40%.


Alc. vol.: 40%


Age: 20+ years


Fles: 0,7l


The Real Taste finds its origin back in 2017 when our founder Guillermo Klijnoot established CasaRon. This company was founded out of Guillermo’s love for the beautiful island of Cuba. From the first time he set foot on the island, he was sold. He wanted to share his love and appreciation for the Cuban culture by sharing Cuba’s finest rum with the world. The CasaRon portfolio was comprised of Ron Perla del Norte, Ron Cubay, and the famous Isla del Tesoro. This concept of oversees spirits grew with the addition of the esteemed tequila and mezcal brand Casa Don Ramón. With the expansion from rum to other spirits, CasaRon began its journey under the new flag of The Real Taste. Out origin story commemorated by the cuban flaf in our logo. As The Real Taste, we strive to share only the world’s best with you.

Our Quality


The Caribbean, where the climate is best for growing sugarcane, produces the world’s finest rum. Cuba has been isolated for so long, and therefore the quality of Cuban rum didn’t suffer as much as other Caribbean rums. Cuban rum houses develloped a unique style – lighter and crisper – with an outstanding taste. CasaRon imports and distributes a fine selection of Cuban rum from the best and most respected rum houses of Cuba: Santiago de Cuba Rum Factory, Cárdenas Rum Factory and Central Rum Factory.